New devotees at Krishna house prepare for spiritual journey’s next milestone. Since the start of the pandemic, Krishna House has had an amazing influx of new students into the ashram, and now, a year later, many of these have become serious devotees, preparing for spiritual initiation. This August, 15 students enrolled in the ISKCON Disciples Course which is now a prerequisite for initiation in ISKCON. The course, taught in-person at Krishna House by Kalakantha Prabhu with the assistance of Prabhupada Priya Prabhu, was offered as a 3-day intensive with a variety of interactive learning activities. All 15 students passed and were awarded their certificates. Congratulations to Allyson Levy, Paula Cepeda, Kaylee Talt, Nakul Grover, Aditi Roy, Evan Caviasco, Anil Reddy Sanikommu, Jennifer Miller, Shibani Mahapatra, Vova Dobrotov, Matthew Ali’i Xaveir, Narayani Pokhrel, Patricia Manning, Nitai Prasad Sahoo, and Meet Patel. We humbly ask all our readers to shower their blessings on these sincere students as they make positive steps forward on the path of bhakti.