During this difficult time we must all ask ourselves how can we support our local Gainesville community and keep everyone’s morale high. Since 1971, Krishna Lunch has provided healthy vegan/vegetarian meals to the Gainesville/UF community. To do our part in the current crisis, we at Krishna Lunch are now regularly delivering meals to Gainesville’s healthcare heroes who tirelessly serve people throughout North Central Florida. The carefully prepared meals are delivered to drop-off points where doctors, nurses and support staff. Everywhere we go the meals are warmly welcomed.

Recently, we also launched our Krishna CARES program under which we have been providing lunches to those who have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic and are in need.

Please consider donating to this effort. With your help we will provide even more free meals to local hospital, healthcare staff and those in need especially those affected economically due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thanks to generous contributions like yours for the past 2 months we have been able to deliver more than 100 Krishna Lunches daily to:

Shands Main ER,

Shands General & Trauma ICU,

Pediatric ER and ICU,

North Regional Florida ICU,

North Regional Florida ER, and several other units,

SIMED Urgent Care,

Malcom Randall VA Medical Center and ER (US Department of Veteran Affairs),

UF Springhill Health center and ER

The Krishna CARES program delivers around 10 lunches daily to those in need especially due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Gratitude for Our Efforts

THANK YOU for your generous support of food to our Emergency Departments at UF Health.  It’s kind of your teams to think of our teams during these unprecedented times.

Heather, UF Health

Thank you so much! I’ve been in Gainesville for 30 years and I used to eat Krishna food on the Plaza very often in the early 90s. It was so great to be reminded of that and to eat delicious, nutritious food.

John, UF Health
The employees of SIMEDHealth sincerely thank you for your delicious offering of meals for our healthcare heroes! It’s kindness from members of our community like you that give us strength. 💗

Kristin, SIMED Health

Hi! I would just like to say thank you for dropping off lunch/dinner to the ER staff at Shands. We really appreciate it!!

Nikki, Shands ER

On behalf of my coworkers at Malcolm Randall VA Medical Center I’d like to thank Krishna Lunch for coming earlier this week and providing us with delicious to go boxes! Those of us who scored a box were the envy of our fellow coworkers! I gave my box to one of the nurses who was so excited to get it. Brought back great memories of the amazing lunches she enjoyed as a student at UF! Thanks guys! 🇺🇸 🏥🥗🍱😁🥰

Rachel Lalita Rocke, Nurse, Malcolm Randall VA Center


Please note that below are recommended donations. All custom amounts are welcomed.

All Donations are Completely Tax Deductible.


Dr. Dinesh Shah ($8675), Viren Shah ($52), Prerak Shah ($250), Bhavani Sankar ($130), Bhupendra Shah ($130), Daniel Talham ($27.5), Anonymous ($101), Suhag A Shukla ($500), Fulvati Shah ($260), Ashok Kumar ($130), Atul & Hemangini Shah ($130), Bijal Mehta ($250), Prabha Trivedi ($52), Daksha Shah ($500), Sharda Mehta ($27.50), Guru Gauranga Dasa ($1,000), Loka Devi Dasi ($2,000), Govinda Syer ($1,000), Shakuntala Jacques ($52), Bhismadeva Das ($1008), Tarunkumar Sharma ($52), Arianna Sherman ($52), Anonymous ($130), Tarunkumar Sharma ($52), Arianna Sherman ($52), Neeta Someshwar ($130), Soumitra Majhi ($23.45), Jigar Trivedi ($27.50), Amrita Hari ($130), Manish Punjabi ($500), Rajani and Asmita Shah ($130), LaVeryl Brown ($52), ASHISH AGGARWAL ($27.50), LaVery Brown ($52), Karen Rowell ($27.50), Linda Nguyen ($20), Mayuri Mahajan ($101.13), Teenamarie Perez (5.50), Lauren King ($2.75), Manuel Rio ($1), Derlis Leyva ($2), Maria Valdivia ($1), Krisztina Danka ($5.50), Andrea Chavez ($5.50), Shyamala Kishori Dasi ($20), Charles Lucas ($250), Hilary Mathis ($5.50), Elizabeth Zabowski ($5), Adithya Gopinath ($4), Nelson Arencibia ($5.50), Fatima Shaerzadeh ($1), Naveen Gupta ($108), Judith Campbell ($20), Michael Sainato ($16), Lovelesh Chawla ($200), Amrita Mann ($41), Nimish Jindal ($500), Abhinav Kurumaddali ($116), Joe Bostock ($50), Kristine McCoy ($100), Nirbhay and Natasha ($100), The Henderson/(Atma) Children ($35), Atul Kapoor ($250), Syamala Priya Dasi ($52), Nitai Prasad Sahoo ($104), Vaisnava Das ($250), Ankush Bhatia ($250), Lila Vana Grenham ($25), Mandie Howard ($25), Hera Cole ($25), Enid Sacasa ($25), Jolanta Pokhrel ($100), Emily Tessel ($25), Manish Puri ($50), Animesh Adhikari ($500), Sutonuka Bhar ($11), Jai Sri Krishna Das and Family ($100), Rasamrita Devi & Kunja Bihari Mody ($108), Aditi Tripathi ($250), Ginene Griggs ($27.50), Sonia Chopra ($11), Acyuta Madhava Das ($500), Prabir Banik ($251), Pavan Kumar ($100), Haripriya Griesser ($52), Abigail Gracy ($1), Danielle Espino ($2.75), Tessa Smith ($1), Derlis Leyva ($1), Robert Van Voris ($1), Nimish Kochhar ($52), Frank A. Orlando ($301), Sharon Byun ($100), Shakuntala Jacques ($1), Jeff Janock ($18), Sagar Kumar ($10), Nitin Puri ($150), Danielle Espino ($5.50), Lynn Debusk ($5.50), Srinath Gopinath ($2.75), Rahul Sengupta ($16.50), Chhaya B Nanawati ($200), Sonya Pearson ($200), Dr. Chandrakant J Dave ($200), The McGaughran Charitable Gift Fund ($100), Rasaraj and Sucitra Wygmans ($527.30), Hayley Smith ($1), .