I tend to try to catch myself because I fear You’ll let me fall.

You’re the savior of the fallen yet I have no faith at all.


I start to lean backwards but my heart drops to my chest,

I keep my eyes wide open and I halt my shaky breath…


My foot reaches out in time to beat Your steady arms.

When will I remember that You won’t let me meet harm?


In fact, even when I “caught’ myself, as usual, I stumbled.

I thought I’d save myself but on my faulty feet I fumbled.


My Lord, you caught me anyway, though I’ve no faith in you.

Eventually, I’ll learn to trust in everything You do.


One day, I’ll thrust myself so eagerly into Your grasp,

With a fluttering heart, eyes shut tight and an excited gasp.


Anticipating Your embrace, letting go of everything else,

And knowing You’ll catch all of that, too, I’ll simply offer You myself.